Middle Class Family Car in India

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Published: 07th March 2011
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Small cars are the best cars for middle class family in India and if you want to save your money, diesel cars can be your ideal choice. Diesel is cheaper than petrol and allows you to saves money in fuels but maintaining the diesel cars is tricky task. When we speak of car maintenance, the first thought that strikes our mind is the mode of car utilization, its model as well as its make.

Maruti Suzuki Omni is one of the small cars in India that require very little maintenance. Tata Indigo is yet another wonderful option if you are looking for small best cars in India that is driven with both petrol and diesel. The models of Tata Indigo are designed keeping in mind the basic requirements of common consumer of India.

Maruti Swift is an outstanding invention of Maruti India that is said to have changed the entire scenario for Indian auto market. It can be considered as the small best cars in India in terms of price and model. The proprietors of small cars evaluate Maruti Swift as best car for middle class Family in considering its cost and maintenance.

Chevrolet Aveo U-VA is yet another example of small car in India for it offers superior comfort as well as gives an excellent fuel saving option to its owner.

Maruti Alto, the best-selling car among the Indian middle class family is an excellent sedan for the congested roads of Indian cities and towns. It is one of the most affordable cars that ensure reliability with full fuel economy. It also takes very less space parking space.

Tata Nano is an avant-garde endeavor of TATA group for manufacturing cheapest small car in India to match the need of a middle class. Price plays an important role when consumers from a middle class family decide to buy a car. The style of a car and its performance plays a secondary role in a consumerís decision while selecting a car. With the advent of Tata Nano in the market, many will leave the option of getting a two-wheeler and increase their budget to buy a Nano for their family.

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